With many sites out there about money, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there are scam sites out there run by con artists! Especially those that sound too good to be true. Some sites start up with good intentions, but when they realize they can’t handle a business, they suddenly close down and run away without paying what they owe.

Take RichPTC, for example. Last time I checked, you “get paid” $1 per ad click, and another $1 per referral ad click. You could also pay just $5 for 1000 ad links to advertise your site or promotions. Now, do the math. Imagine that RichPTC doesn’t earn any profit from ad purchases. So, your 1000 ad links that you purchased with just $5 dollars means that 1000 ad links will magically convert into $1000 dollars after being clicked by the other members of the site. Now, I’m not even counting referral earnings here. Where does all the money come from? How can 1000 ad links be purchased with just $5 dollars when each ad link is valued at $1 when clicked by other members � plus referral clicks?

Of course, not all scam sites exaggerate on the earnings per click. Some are actually smarter, so they copy the legitimate sites like good ol’ NeoBux. A similar site to NeoBux is QualityBux (now dead). You earned around 1 cent per click, and their site script was a bit similar, too. However, if you search around the web about this dead PTC site, you’ll notice only complaints and negative feedback. Also, when reaching minimum payout of $5 as a free member, members first had to upgrade through a fee of $30 dollars to be able to request earnings.

By the way, if you’re wondering why I’m including my referral links, it’s because I want to demonstrate that I did at least try them out before raising the scam flag.