Volkno - How to Earn Every Point per Trailer

Volkno – How to Earn Every Point per Trailer

Last updated on December 23rd, 2019 at 04:38 pm

Volkno is an entertaining GPT site that pays for watching trailers of movies, shows, or video games. Earning per trailer is easy but not explained well by the site.

To earn every single point per trailer, there are extra steps to go through. So here is my guide, step by step!

volkno - explore page

Step 1. Choose a Trailer

First go to Explore from the left navigation panel. Then choose a trailer of your choice with zero Flow points (we’ll deal with the ones with some points earned later).

I chose the trailer for Ad Astra.

selecting a trailer

We will notice a big white play button and a menu icon below it. Click on START. Otherwise…

trailer version

If we click on the menu icon, we’ll see an option to select which trailer version to watch. It’s best just to go in order. For simplicity.

Step 2. Round 1 – Hot or Not

hot or not round
Round 1 – Hot or Not

A timer will start to countdown to take us to round 1. This one is called the “Hot or Not” round. All we have to do here is click on either button that reflects our opinion over a given scene.

We can click a number of times or just once.

volkno - after trailer rating
Rating screen after a round

After each round, we will come across this screen. DO NOT SKIP YET. This is a very important screen.

Notice how I gained 50 Flow points from just watching and interacting with the video (by clicking on Hot or Not buttons). We can double those points here. Here’s how…

Step 3. Some Extra Steps

On that screen after the first trailer round finishes, there are numerous things we must answer.

Sub-Step 1. Rate the video

Right under where it says “RATE THIS VIDEO”, we must move the slider to a desired spot. We’ll then see our points increase.

Sub-Step 2. Demand It

Now click on the Demand It button on the top left. You’ll see a pop-up like this…

demand it
The trailer was too short for me to know what the movie was really about, so I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars.

This pop-up will have two things for us to provide feedback with. Make sure to answer both. If you don’t have any of those services listed, just select Other. Then close the pop-up.

Sub-Step 3. Tag It

After closing the above pop-up, we then go for the next one called Tag It.

tag it

This should be easy as well. As I didn’t felt much for the video, I chose “OK” and “Interesting”.

Sub-Step 4. Comment

Now we just need to write a simple review. And I do mean simple.


We don’t have to write much, really. A simple sentence will do.

Now click on the “NEXT ROUND” white button. Not the green one!

Step 4. Round 2 – Emoji

emoji round
Round 2

Just like the first round, we click on the desired option to reflect how we felt about a particular scene.

Step 5. Round 3 – Tag It

Now this round is a bit different. All we have to do is click on one of the tags from the right.

tag it round
Round 3

But if we feel differently than any of the ones provided, we can actually write them up too on the left.

Aaaand that’s about it. But for some trailers.

Volkno Trailers with Different Version Videos

See, some trailers have more than one version. Remember how in the first step I mention a little menu icon under the Play button?

Right after finishing all 3 rounds per trailer video, we can click on the green button that says “NEXT VIDEO”.

next video

That will take us to the next video version. This other version will also have 3 rounds to go through. Repeat everything from the steps I provided to earn every point possible.

What of Missing Points from Some Trailers?

This will be pretty common, especially to new Volkno members. We may miss or forget to interact with the videos. Other times, new trailer versions will be added.

volkno - incomplete points

In my image example above, they added a final video for a Star Wars trailer a month or two later. All I had to do is click on the menu icon over the thumbnail trailer and select the one with 0 points.

NOTE: If you’re missing points from other trailers from missed interactions, simply replay the trailer and interact again. It may even start off where the points are missing!

After that, we just interact with the video the same way we do with the others. Volkno is flexible. We can always revisit and interact with a trailer as many times as we want.

And that’s it!

Now, if you never joined in the first place, you can join Volkno here

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