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Volkno Review – Earn By Watching Trailers…?

Last updated on April 2nd, 2020 at 01:20 pm

NOTICE: Volkno is paying again! Previously, we were unable to, due to low funds on their part. We can now redeem but only after completing all surveys. I’ve For more updates, check their Facebook page here.

Volkno is one of those rare websites that provide only videos to watch and earn. However enticing that may sound, it is without its limits and flaws. Nonetheless, it is perhaps one of the best video-watching earners out there at the time of this writing.

Each video clip is in its respective section under a movie, show or video game trailer. As each clip is played, we must provide feedback as the trailer plays in order to earn Flow points.

A Flow point equals a tenth of a cent (with 1000 being a $1). But don’t let that discourage you as each trailer can provide hundreds of points.

volkno - explore page
On the Explore page, each trailer shows how many points have been accumulated.

The earning potential differs according to how many video versions a trailer has (which is usually one). There is no limit on how many trailers or points we can earn per day.

As for how long they last, well, I’m sure you’re familiar with movie trailers. They aren’t very long. However, a trailer must be viewed in 3 rounds and interacted with to earn the most points.

In the example images above, those 3 rounds are the main way to earn points. But there is more…

volkno - demand it

For a complete walk-through guide, check out this page to get the most points out of every trailer!

Volkno Updates Slowly

It’s a shame but only a few trailers are uploaded a month. So the potential ends fast when watching everything they have.

The upside to that, though, is that there is no rush to watch them all as each trailer doesn’t seem to disappear.

So take it slowly if you’d’ like (like I do). Your earning potential won’t diminish.

Any Other Ways to Earn in Volkno?

Well, as all GPTs (get paid to) sites, there are surveys available to earn from. But these at Volkno aren’t from third party providers. These surveys are from Volkno itself, so no worries if you think the survey provider will suddenly disqualify you out of nowhere.

NOTICE: As of late March, 2020, we must complete all surveys available to unlock the store to redeem. But if the store refuses to unlock, try retaking a survey (it may or may not work).

volkno - my surveys
I should work on those surveys one of these days, huh?

Other than that, that’s it. There is no affiliate program, sadly.

How Does Volkno Pay?

volkno- store

Volkno only pays with Amazon gift cards. I have no complains there, as Amazon is my favorite store. Although, this may be an inconvenience for many. I’m sure.

But their limited payment selection is not a huge issue compared to their limited quantity.

volkno - shopping cart error
Top red message: “We are currently experiencing issues ordering your gift card. Please try ordering again in 24 hours.” This used to happen before late March, 2020.

This error message (shown in the image above) is actually their vague way of saying that they don’t have funds at the moment.

Personal note, though. I have that many points due to cashing-out procrastination. (I was able to redeem them on April 2nd, 2020).

Volkno’s new redeeming process

Since late March, 2020, Volkno started allowing us to redeem our Flow points (about time). They have become more strict now (for very good reasons). For now, we have to complete all surveys before the store unlocks. Also, and most importantly, we must provide quality feedback. Always. Otherwise, you may not be qualified to redeem.

Volkno email redeem flow notice
An email sent by Volkno letting us know that we can now redeem our Flow points.
Redeeming flow points in Volkno on April 2nd, 2020
My reward arrived less than an hour later after redeeming.


Volkno earns very well per video (trailer). Though not passive, these videos are actually interesting to watch. We get to know what new movies, TV shows (or season), or video games are about to release soon. So what better way is there for updates on new releases, right?

One problem is, there are only a few trailers provided a month. Their big problem is their severely limited payment method and lack of quantity. It is a hassle knowing when we are able to exchange our Flow points for Amazon credit.

All in all, Volkno is a good site to visit once in a while to build up on Amazon gift cards. Slowly.

You may join Volkno here

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