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TreasureTrooper Review: The Most Unique GPT

Last updated on January 6th, 2020 at 02:02 pm

TreasureTrooper is a GPT (get paid to) site that offers the typical ways to earn. Such as daily surveys, ad offers, job tasks, shopping online, cash videos and referring. However, the system in which TT works in is pretty unorthodox. Aside from earning cash, we also earn treasure items of all sorts. Some are even rare. All these items can be converted for prizes or even for referrals.

TreasureTrooper is so unusual that I had to include a lot of images to better explain as I don’t really participate in these earning activities. If you’re not into any kind of games, TT still works like a regular GPT if you treat it as so (as I do).

TT is like a…board game?

TreasureTrooper feels like a crossover of a GPT and a board game without a board… Yeah, that’s not the best way to describe this. Anyway, TT features items that are obtained by completing offers and activities. Some of these activities include being active socially on their site (such as their chatroom). We don’t earn cash for most of them but the characters of the site may pay us instead but for the most rare ones. As for the rest, we can exchange them for prizes.

TreasureTrooper's item trading at Mabutu's Trading Hut
The list of prizes is three times longer.
Pearl Friendship Bracelet found at the Trading Hut
Pearls! Way at the bottom of the list of prizes we can find the Pearl Friendship Bracelet. These items are quite valuable but not so rare. It only takes 8 of them to convert into 2 referrals.
Cogg's Coop at TreasureTrooper
As described in the site, we can get paid for an ultra rare dragons with real money instead of prizes.

The affiliate program

I’ll start off with the affiliate program as TreasureTrooper’s is very generous. We earn 20% earnings from people we personally refer, and another 5% from the people they refer (yes, a 2-level referral system). For example, if your referral makes $10 from offers (surveys/quizzes/sign-ups/etc.), you earn a bonus of $2 dollars. If your referral’s referral makes $10 as well, you would earn an extra $0.50. Pretty nifty, huh?

Other bonuses also included but best described by a screenshot below.

TreasureTrooper screenshot of its Referral Center

We also get to communicate with our referrals. Helping them out can be beneficial for both. We also have the feature to gift them an item of our choosing (last time I checked).

Mini games

There is a slots, bingo and a…Tamagotchi sort of game with a dragon. They all require a different kind of item. The slots game obviously requires coins. The bingo game requires a ticket while the dragon game requires many different items and attention.

We also have a daily poll and contests in which we can participate in. However, as I’ve stated before, I don’t play these type of games, so I can’t describe them in detail. But screenshots will do a better job of that.

Screenshot of TreasureTrooper Jungle Slots
Screenshot of Chatroom Bingo from TreasureTrooper
Dragon Lair screenshot at TreasureTrooper


The affiliate program is 2 levels deep! Members are also given items from mini games, such as pearls where members can collect 8 of them to exchange for 2 unreferred members to keep!! The site also has a forum where members help each other. Additionally, members can send messages to their downline, and members can also change their settings to stop receiving messages from others. Many contests and “quests” are availabe as well for extra fun and earning money or gifts.


Offers and surveys are hard to approve (this is common in all GPT sites). The staff won’t help members with checking the status of finished work that are still in pending status. And unfortunately, members cannot cash out from pure CashClick earnings (unavailable now) or from tasks. Cashout is also a little high ($20) considering that offers and surveys don’t always approve.

TreasureTrooper banner ad

Like any other GPT site, getting offers, surveys, trials, and the like, can be hard to approve to earn from. But for those that want to have some fun in the process, TreaureTrooper is the one. Very reliable team and good customer service.

You may join TreasureTrooper here…

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