Swagbucks GPT review

SwagBucks Review: Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards…!

One of the best (if not the best) rewards site out there! Members earn points called Swagbucks (or bucks for short), which is its own currency to redeem for digital and physical prizes. Prizes include PayPal cash, gift cards, video games, computer accessories, toys, music, etc.

Here are the many ways to earn…

  • Surfing the web
  • Earning from referral searches
  • Watching videos on the website
  • Watching videos on their many mobile apps
  • Viewing offers (once daily)
  • Completing offers
  • Participating in free trials
  • Viewing a list of trusted surveys (once daily)
  • Completing surveys
  • Printing and using coupons
  • Shopping online through selected stores
  • Visiting their blog, FaceBook and Tweeter pages for free codes
  • Installing and keeping their toolbar (1 buck a day bonus)
  • Using codes from their toolbar’s message box
  • Selling them junk for bucks
  • Answering daily polls
  • Viewing special offers on the front page
  • Winning in contests
  • Daily task bonuses

My most favorite way to earn is by using their 6 mobile apps (run only 2 at a time or else you’ll get banned!).

  • SB Watch
  • EntertaiNow
  • Lifestylz
  • Movie Cli.ps
  • Sportly
  • IndyMusic

I personally have the first 3 installed on one phone and the other 3 on another phone. Both phones are cheap $10 devices I got on special years ago. They’re only dedicated to running SwagBucks apps.

Depending on the season, per day they earn as low as $0.30 but as high as $0.80 — per phone. These apps run passively. But some babysitting is required from time to time as advertisements exhaust throughout the day per app.

These apps are also buggy, though. Sometimes they’ll just freeze and need restarting.


Fantastic reward site that always delivers faster than their deadlines. There are around 20 ways to earn bucks (points) here. It also has a toolbar for those that like searching faster, being informed of their status and want to be alerted of temporary codes (for bonus bucks). Not to mention the best passive apps (now that Perk is dead). SwagBucks is fantastic for earning prepaid Visa cards Amazon gift cards!


It has become a lot harder to earn bucks since early 2018. Gone are the days when making $5 or over a day was easy. Now it’s just like all other GPTs, except better thanks to the apps.


As mentioned in the pros and cons, SwagBucks has become more stingy on giving bucks (points) through searching, but it has also increased ways to earn. This benefits few, but frustrate many. The mobile apps are a must.

You may joinSwagBucks here…

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