MyPoints Review: Earn with Emails and Shopping

MyPoints review of a GPT from Prodege

MyPointsis one of the most known and biggest GPTs (get paid to) out there. There are about 84 prizes for us members to redeem for with points including Amazon gift cards, of course.

I will first metnion the typical ways to earn from the usual GPT site. Points are rewarded by filling out surveys, completing offers, referring others, watching videos, using coupons, signing up to websites, and also by using its search engine.

We can also earn by playing casual games, however…those require investing real money. As I am a hardcore gamer, I don’t play these type of games. And even if I did, I would not pay to play them, so I casn’t say much about this way to earn points.

MyPoints’ better ways to earn

Aside from the usual, members can also earn from some unusual ways, like traveling. Yeah, this is actually pretty new to me. We also earn from getting emails and shopping online. These last two are my favorites.

Earn a little extra for traveling

Depending on the services used to book at hotels, flights, cars or vacations in general, we are awarded points per dollar (unless otherwise noted).

For example, Expedia awards 6 points per dollar but Hilton does 8 points instead. Airlines seem to only award very little. But instead of mentioning each section, pictures below will demonstrate better (click each to enlarge).

MyPoints Hotel Rewards
MyPoints Flight Rewards
MyPoints Car Rental Rewards
MyPoints Vacation Rewards
MyPoints Travel Offers
It’s not always points per dollar. Some offers provide a certain amount for just taking that offer. There are also deals shown from Groupon.

Earn by receiving a few emails a day

This feature is what keeps me as a member. I receive about 2 to 4 emails worth 5 points each. Of course it’s not much but time goes by fast, and those points do accumulate. They’re harmless emails that only take a click that open up an offer from stores like Walmart, Best Buy, and other stores or businesses.

The ones that come from stores also work for cash-back shopping, but more on that later.

Unfortunately, they also send garbage offers that don’t earn (they’re easy to spot, so you can just delete them without clicking on their link). For eample their annoying pay-to-game feature or notices about their pay-to-watch or polls (both of which are not worth doing).

All emails come from them, though. I’d say we get about 6 emails per day. Sometimes only half that amount or so.

Earn cash-back from shopping online

I would say that MyPoints is perhaps the best GPT for earning from shopping online. They provide the best credits per dollar and usually have better special promotions.

They do have a browser plugin/add-on that helps with cash-back shopping, getting coupon alerts and search online (all of which earn us points).


Very legit and famous site (recently purchased by Prodege a few years back, the company that owns SwagBucks). There are plenty of ways to earn points and many prizes to redeem. We also receive paid email ads to earn extra points. And what’s great about surveys here is that we still earn points regarless of qualifying or not (usually 10 points for non qualifiers and around 60 or more for those that qualify and complete them).


Their point conversion to cash value is inconsistant to each prize.
It’s hard to say how much a point is worth this way. Not to mention, it is not recommended to redeem for PayPal payments as they cost the most points.

Also, their referral system isn’t that good. It took them many years to let us recruit outside of emails (I think their new parent company fixed that). We get a decent 25 points when people sign up and another 750 points but once they spend $20 from shopping online (and they get a 1750 points bonus). That’s only once, of course, and only from shopping. What’s more is that we only get a 10% bonus from our referral’s completed tasks. The worst of that is that it’s not from all type of offers. Maybe only from shopping? They don’t specify that. I’ve only recently noticed that we can recruite outside of emails, so I never got referrals.


Personally, I only like earning points by opening their paid email ads. It takes months to redeem, but time goes by so fast that I really don’t mind. If you’re a traveler, it’s totally worth joining for the cash-back. Also, as an online shopper, I sometimes do my cash-back shopping from this site as they usually give the most back. As for payments, store gift cards are better than PayPal for their points value. The referral system is nothing to be excited about.

You may join MyPoints here..

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