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iRazoo Review: Is It Worth It?

Last updated on December 23rd, 2019 at 05:40 pm

NOTICE: I no longer use this site. Points expire after 60 days, and if you forget, your hard earn points are gone forever! So this article will no longer be updated.

iRazoo is a GPT (get paid to) site that rewards members with points to redeem for prizes. Points are earned by filling up surveys, completing offers, trying out free trials, signing up to websites, shopping online, working on micro tasks, watching videos, downloading apps, referring others, playing games, and also by searching the net with the search engine.

Get paid to game

iRazoo has a rare feature not found in most GPTs, and that is earning points from gaming. As a hardcore gamer, I don’t play these type of browser games, so I can’t say much about them. Members do earn 1 point for playing a game “limited to 5 minutes per game played and 500 points per day”. For each game of the week, when players beat a certain score, they are entered to win certain amount of points.

I’d only recommend this to casual gamers that enjoy browser or mobile app-type of games on their computers.


This is something I utterly hate about GPTs, and that’s expiration of earnings. However, iRazoo’s is much worse than FusionCash’s 6 month per earning expiration. At iR, ALL POINTS expire from a 2 month inactivity. I actually made the dumb mistake of not cashing out before the end of November of 2018, so all my points expired for not working on a single activity for 60 days. But to be fair, all it takes is one insignificant point at least to become active. I was too busy at the time to remember, so I screwed up! They only email you once before points expire.

Other thoughts about iRazoo

Aside from getting paid to game, there’s really not much else to talk about iRazoo. It has a really nice interface to navigate, so it’s not hard to get lost. The point system is annoying to figure out as it isn’t 1:1 ratio into cash value.

To be honest, I wouldn’t recommend iRazoo (unless you like the idea of earning a little bit on casual gaming). Last time I checked years ago, iR was very stingy on earnings. What you could earn on other sites like SwagBucks or FusionCash for the same offers, you could earn less on this site. But perhaps things have changed or maybe they pay better for online searching or doing micro tasks?

To me, the whole expiration of earnings after 60 days of inactivity is a huge downfall. If there were super easy ways to earn, no matter how small, I would keep earning here while multitasking, but that is no longer the case as hyprMX is no longer available in my area.

You may still join iRazoo here if you’d like…

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