instaGC GPT Review

instaGC Review – Pennies Saved are Pennies Earned

If you’re like me, and only like completing small offers that don’t require major investments (time, money & effort), then instaGC may be for you.

As the title suggests, I’ll be reviewing instaGC as a penny earner. While we can earn much more than pennies a day here, all GPT sites work the same. By that I mean this: To earn more, we require completing offers that are way too time consuming for little in return. I don’t like that. I don’t do that.

instaGC has a few ways to earn a couple of cents a day, effortlessly.

But first off…

What Exactly is instaGC?

instaGC has been around since probably 2011. That’s 9 years now (in the time of this writing). It is a money making site, preferably called GPT (get paid to) here.

Like with any typical GPT, we can earn in many ways. We can complete surveys, offers, play games, install apps, sign up, watch videos, etc.

Front Page
If you’re familiar with GPTs, then you’re familiar with most of these 3rd party programs shown here.

How Does it Pay?

What sets iGC apart from the rest is how it pays. As its name implies, it pays instantly. No joke. It’s the only GPT I’ve ever used that does that. Unlike all other sites, we either wait within a week or after a month.

However, that only applies to gift cards and prepaid cards. Which is still not bad, really!

instaGC Gift Cards Page
They have all sorts of gift cards. If you’re into video games, they do provide gift cards of Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network, and XBox (sadly, no Steam). We can’t forget about Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Google Play Store, of course!

For cash payments, though, there’s PayPal, Visa Prepaid Cards, Direct Deposit, and even Bitcoin.

  • For PayPal, it takes up to 7 days to get paid
    • With a fee of 20 points after the first cash-out a month (cashing once a month is ideal to avoid the fee)
  • For Visa Prepaid Cards, it takes up to 7 days the first time (but after that, it’s also instant!)
  • For Direct Deposits, those take up to 5 business days total
  • For Bitcoin…I’m not sure
    • It only states on the page that it will take 48 hours to process
instaGC Cash Rewards
As you can see from those cash-out dates, I used to be pretty active on the site back in 2017. Most of the earnings came from doing the HyprMX offers. I no longer get those, so I stopped using the site for years until now.

So What Are the Effortless Ways to Earn?

These are truly effortless ways of earning at instaGC. I can multitask with other things without losing much concentration and time. And depending on the provider, they can run in the background.

Click Offers: Just click on a thumbnail link, look at it for a mere few seconds, then close it. That’s it.

Clicks Page
The first one is the best one (instaGC). They always credit. The 3rd party ones not always (as they’re very picky on where one lives and other moronic reasons).
Clicks Offers

Watch Videos Provided by instaGC: iGC provides its own videos too, which is a good thing as they always credit the points that we earn.

Videos Page
Videos are available for both desktop computers and mobile devices, but can only run one at a time. In fact, they both share the same video count, so only choose one device!

Not to mention, these videos don’t need to be interacted with. Total passive earning here. However, it’s usually only 100 videos a day (rarely more), which equals 100 credits (or 10 cents).

Watch Videos from Other Providers: These may or may not work. Not all 3rd parties are honest. It also depends on the area that we live in. For example, Southern California residents don’t get ads from AceWall video offers. So my tip is to try them out first, see if they credit!

AceWall Videos
AceWall is a 3rd party video provider. They don’t seem to credit us here from SoCal. I ran their videos for about an hour but never got credited.

instaGC Referral System

The referral system is nothing to gawk at. For every referral that we recruit, we earn 10 points (10 cents). That’s pretty lame, but we do earn 10% from every activity that our referrals earn forever. This percentage is the standard in the GPT business, so it’s not bad.

Weekly Bonuses

We also get weekly bonuses provided by iGC itself. Not a big deal for the type of offers that I do, but I suppose things do add up over time.

instaGC Weekly Bonus

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