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ySense Review: One of the Best GPTs…!

Formerly known as ClixSense, ySense is a GPT (get paid to) that has gone through some great upgrades since early 2011. And then it got bought by Prodege, the same company behind SwagBucks. It started as a simple PTC site that later implemented offers and surveys. It then eventually got rid of its PTC service due to PayPal and other reasons.

In this ySense review, I will mention what yS has to offer as a GPT service.

Get paid to do different stuff

Just like other GPTs, ySense partners with many survey and offer provides. Members can earn from trying out products and services, download mobile apps, signing up to other websites, watching videos, working on micro tasks, and referring.

I personally only did the JunGroup/HyperMX offers (called Website Explorer here) until they started disappearing for good in November, 2018. The next best thing would be working on tasks…but you’re better off working at Amazon mTurk for micro jobs instead.

The affiliate program

Speaking of referring, ySense offers a mediocre 10 to 30 cents per active referral signup. But once referrals earn their first $5, we earn an extra $2 bonus. Now, as for commissions, we earn 20% on most tasks completed. The commission percentage is not mediocre at all, though. In the GPT business, 10% is the norm, but signup and bonuses are much higher elsewhere than on yS.

However, ySense provides a referral statistics system like no other GPT I’ve ever seen. It shows how many link clicks our affiliate link has gotten, how many referrals we’ve gained a day, and how many of each type of work they’ve done. We also get details on how much we’ve earned in commissions for each day and the total per month, year, and lifetime.

Image of ClixSense affiliate statistics
I know, pretty embarrassing to show the lack of referral activity as I stopped updating Cashie.net for a few years.

Since I’m not too fond of working with GPT tasks, I will mention that one of my referrals from March 1st, 2013, completed 2,524 tasks on ClixSense (now ySense) in the whole month of March, and made $94.08 out of them. She also did numerous PTC clicks and 61 offers, so she earned well over $140 in just that month alone (and as a free member without referrals). I think I earned over $30 in commissions from her alone that month.

ClixSense Block Quote

I’m very sure ySense will still last for many years to come, especially as it is owned by Proedege. It has been one of the most successful GPT businesses out there. Here is a block quote I thought I’d share from the ClixSense team from years ago:

“ClixSense Members, Did you know…. 

ClixSense doesn’t set any limits on the amount of ads you can view per day. 
ClixSense doesn’t set any limits on the amount of direct referrals you can have. 
ClixSense doesn’t make you wait to do certain things like refer others. 
ClixSense was the company that started the PTC craze in 2007. 
ClixSense has some of the lowest advertising rates in the industry. 
ClixSense doesn’t charge a ridiculous amount of money to upgrade your account. 
ClixSense has no maximum cashout. If you can make it, we will pay it! 
ClixSense doesn’t have multiple membership levels, why pay more when you don’t have to? 
ClixSense doesn’t use a cheap purchased script to run our business, our site is 100% custom built by OUR employeed developers. 
ClixSense doesn’t use a shared hosting server, we have multiple dedicated servers. 
ClixSense doesnt hide behind a privacy protect when you look at who owns the domain, we have nothing to hide.

Why are we telling you this? Simple, with new PTC and bux sites coming online everyday you have no idea who you are dealing with and what their intentions are. With ClixSense, you know us and trust us. We want you to be successful online with us and not be taken by a startup that is here today and gone tomorrow.”

Although it is an old blockquote, their business standards and ethics are still present to this day. What I like most is that the actual administrator writes site notices personally to us. This no longer seems to be the case now.


Responsive, fast, and with secure connections, this is one of the safest and most reliable GPTs out there. There are now many ways to earn like other GPTs but we get better support and a forum to help each other earn more successfully. The referral statistics system is awesome, too.


Despite the success, all in all, it works just like any other GPT. I’m considering leaving the site for good as there aren’t easy tasks that I know of that I can work as I multitask.


Sadly, I couldn’t say much about ySense. It is reliable and one of the best, but it is still just a GPT through and through. There is no special way to earn that sets it apart from the rest. Website Explorer was great when available but it no longer is to me (may be different for you). There are fees that come from withdrawing. However, if you only had the option to join 3 GPTs, this one should definitely be one of them.

You may join ySense here…

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