The list of sites listed below are discredited (Code Orange). These sites will no longer be reviewed or updated for various reasons, regardless of having been paid by them or not. Few reasons to mention arebecause of the lack of updates, minimum too high, too time-consuming, suddenly require investment, admin is not too reliable, bad business is practiced, or simply because the site is just…well, stupid (Lockerz).

Let’s take the InfinityBux sextuplets, for example. These PTC Bux sites are identical to each other and they’re from the same admin. That, in itself, is a bad business practice. Let alone, there are hardly any ads available and minimum cashout is ridiculously high, considering that most ads are micro ads ($0.001). Code Orange/Green for most of them. Avoid them.

Another example, myLot. It is a forum that requires a lot of commenting and other activities to earn money from. I simply don’t have the time to spend on it as I had originally planned years ago. I’ve never been paid by it since I never reached the high minimum, but I’m sure it is a reliable payer. Nonetheless, Code Orange/Yellow for it.