Perk App Reviews

Perk App Reviews

Last updated on December 23rd, 2019 at 06:21 pm

NOTICE: All good things must come to an end. Perk shut down its services on December 1st, 2019. Despite its decreased earnings over time, time and time again, it always paid.

NOTICE: This article will no longer be updated.

Perk started as a Chromium-based browser with its own search engine. Years later it created phone apps — starting with Perk TV — to broaden ad revenues thanks to the smartphone industry. It is most likely thanks to Perk TV that similar apps from other companies started popping out with similar features (such as YooLotto and Rewardable TV, to name a few).

Perk’s Perk TV isn’t their only money-making app, though. There are a plethora of apps to earn from. However, I will not name and review all of them as I only use a few that I think are the only ones worth checking out. Also noting that the limit on device run per app is 5 (or 4 if you want to play it safer). For example, 4 phones for Perk TV, another 4 for Perk Word Search and 2 on Perk TV Live and with a device total limit of 10 or less.

Depending on the ads (or lack of), the amount of points earned range from 0 to 4 per ad run per device. 10 points equals a cent. To make a good amount in no time to cash out, multiple devices must run to earn simultaneously. During the holidays or special events (such as Football season), more quality and quantity of ads play. Last December, my average earning per day was $8.71 with $13.87 being my highest in one day.

December 2018 update! Perk and all other passive earning apps are going downhill! Earnings were embarasingly low.

Accounts per Household

Members can only have 1 account (obviously) but more than one account per household is allowed. The thing is, us members have to provide identification (ID or driver’s license) to Perk for validation purposes. It can be an uncomfortable feeling for some to do so but the good thing is that earnings don’t split up.

Perk TV

With the Perk TV app, earning points is easy and semi-passively. Videos are listed under playlists of, such as, movie trailers, app commercials, funny clips, etc. When running a playlist, video ads play before each video from the selected playlist. Points are then earned after each video from the playlist.

Perk TV Live

The Perk TV Live app is different from the original Perk TV. With this app, you can earn points by having your devices listen to television (or even Hulu, I believe) in order to earn points. However, I personally never used this app this way. This app can also work similar to the original Perk TV by just letting it run ads on its own. Perk TV Live doesn’t have video playlists but it does provide movie or show snippets for a minute before automatically showing up ads to earn points from.

Perk Word Search

The Perk Word Search app is a simple game app to earn those sweet Perk points. Small timers run as each word search game plays. There is no need to actually play these games in order to earn points from. Finding the word does not earn you guaranteed points either (or bonuses). The app runs semi-passively as well though as it either gets stuck on game results screen or it randomly asks if you want to resume (there seems to have no pattern on when it happens).

Perk Wallet

For the Perk Wallet app you can use the app to redeem your points for cash or gift cards. I personally use the app because of the discounts on Amazon gift cards ($25 gift cards cost 24,250 points instead of 25,000). I believe this app is the only way to cash out to Perk Plastik as well (more details under Perk Wallet).

Other Perk Apps

There are many other Perk apps to make points off, such as App Trailers and Perk Quiz. All these other apps are either non-passive or earn way too few points, which is why I personally don’t run them. Some of them do earn more than the ones I use but still not enough for me to manually spend my time on. I’ve read some people run these Perk apps while watching TV or multitasking, though, and seem content with how much they make.

Perk Rewards

Perk has the most variety of reward options in gift cards than any other GPT/rewards site that I know of. Some of the gift cards selection include: Papa John’s, Domino’s Pizza, Apple Bee’s, Burger King, Barne’s & Noble, American Airlines, Dell, Game Stop, Google Play, Nintendo eShop, PlayStation store credit, Xbox Live, Steam, Uber, Over Stock, Walmart, eBay, and of course, Amazon (my favorite because of the 3% discount on the $25 and $50 gift cards). However, that isn’t even a quarter of the selection of gift cards that they provide.

On top of that, they do provide PayPal options and a sort of direct deposit to their debit card called Perk Plastik. Unfortunately, their conversion is ridiculously high. For PayPal, you need 9000 points instead of 5000 for $5. 15000 instead of 10000 for $10, and so on in different but still unfair values for bigger withdrawals. As for Perk Plastik, there is a hefty 10% fee, which I suppose isn’t as bad as PayPal cash outs, I guess.

Getting paid in gift cards may take from one to three days. They deliver through email every Monday, Wednesday and Friday — rarely postponing (they’ve only been late 2 or 3 times in my 4 years running Perk apps). Because of the ridiculous point values and fees from getting paid in cash instead, I can’t say for certain if PayPal and direct deposit to Perk Plastik are instant or not.

Pros of Perk

Perk has a plethora of apps to earn from, with some being semi-passive. With many ways to earn, there are also countless, different gift cards to choose from their rewards shop. Getting paid is rarely an issue as long as you play by their rules. They always deliver if your account is in good standing. Members can also have other members join in the same household for their own account, too.

Cons of Perk

Since January of 2015, Perk apps started to go downhill steadily. They require a lot of attention because of random crashes, static ads and whatnot. Point ratio per ad has been decreasing to this day (but that can be said for every reward site out there). Customer Support has been known to be pretty bad with also taking them many days to answer back (even weeks at times). The worst con being that they’re very bad at handling US taxes.


Despite all the problems that come from using Perk’s services and apps, they still remain pretty much one of the most stable earner compared to other companies’ app inconsistencies. They always pay and deliver as long as you play by the rules. Because of their success, other similar reward apps have emerged but gone downhill faster or died out completely. Perk has the most experience which is both a good and bad thing (because they get pretty greedy and get away with it).

However, as of late 2018, Perk apps have gone really downhill. During the holidays and special events, these apps made incredible earnings. This year, the holidays were plain awful. I can’t see earnings recovering. If you have a few phones you want running passively, you’re much better off with SwagBucks apps and the Yoo apps.

Thanks for all the good and great earnings from past years, Perk!

You may still join Perk here if you wish…

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