Bidvertiser Review: The AdWords PPC Alternative

Bidvertiseris a PPC (pay per click) advertising company dedicated to website owners (A.K.A. web publishers) to make some extra cash or a real living out of ads placed on their sites. Website owners can also become advertisers to promote their own promotions through Bidvertiser for more exposure or sales. With AdWords’ and Adsense‘s stricter rules and higher costs, Bidvertiser is a great alternative to newer website owners and advertisers seeking lower costs and risks.

However, because of lower costs and risks, any advertiser or publisher will agree that Google’s services are second to none for its better quality and investment returns. But as mentioned before, Google is a lot more strict and expensive. Bidvertiser is a great alternative and a great starting point for many publishers (and especially advertisers).

Referral Program

Bidvertiser only pays twice from each new referral, but very handsomely. Members earn $10 on their referrals’ first cash out of $10 or more (as publishers), and when those same referrals earn $50 or more, members will get an additional $40. As for recruiting advertisers, members earn $5 from their referrals when they spend $10 to $49 on advertising, and then $20 when they spend $50 or more.


Bidvertiser is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense (for web publishers) and Google AdWords (for advertisers). They have promotions that give free credits right after joining up! The company is also well known and established. It’s a lot cheaper for advertisers and less risky for website owners that have questionable content on their site. And of course, minimum payout is a lot lower.


They need better login security since some people can make a living out of ads. Be sure to create strong, unique passwords! They also need to work on their connection issues since their ads don’t seem to display 100% of the time on publishers’ sites.


Bidvertiser is less strict, more open to a broader range of sites, and cheaper than Google’s ad agency programs. Bidvertiser also includes a pretty nice referral program for those that decide and succeed in recruiting others into this ad agency. Although you can’t expect the same quality of service and return that Google Adsense and AdWords provide, Bidvertiser is still one of the best alternatives to Google’s monetary programs. If you’re into promoting PTCs or GPTs (just like myself), you can also promote those types of sites through Bidvertiser. Good example is this site; I don’t have Google Adsense ads around because of such strict rules, therefore Bidvertiser and other ad agencies are my only choices. 🙂

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