Cashie.net is a website owned and operated by Javier Soto (AKA Kunou online) recently powered by WordPress. Cashie.net was created on August 30, 2009, and the public release was on October the 1st, 2009. Update to version 2 was on April 1st, 2010, followed by version 3 on October 1st, 2010, followed by version 4 on April 2011, and followed by version 5 on October 1st, 2011. The website was then abandoned in 2013 with rarely any updates until it was revived and converted to WordPress CMS on January 1st, 2019.

The original site and content can be found at Original Cashie Network.

Cashie.net is a personal site with information — from personal experiences and research — about gaining money, store credit (better known as gift cards), prizes through online activity, and advertising methods to promote. Cashie.net started as a site dedicated to only free online sites, until version 3. Online paying sites include, but not limited to, ClixSenseTreasureTrooper, and SwagBucks. There will be more tips, strategies, suggestions, alerts, and more over time. Cashie.net was not only created to promote money-making online sites, but to also help people with them. Cashie is not owned by a company, it’s owned by a normal person making money online. 🙂

About the Domain and Mascot

The domain name was inspired by the word “cash”. “Cashie” was chosen since the name resembles the word “cash”. Cashie, which is a female name, was inspired as a mascot of a pirate girl for the site (since pirates love wealth). Although later on, the character was changed into a detective instead to better reflect the site’s motives.


Cashie.net DOES NOT promise or imply huge wealth, how to get rich quick, sudden cash, or intend to replace your job through the use of these promoted sites, etc. Get-rich-quick schemes only happen in fairy tales!

Cashie.net will alert you of scam sites, however, some (mainly PTC, or paid to click) sites have a habit of becoming a scam in the future. Cashie.net will not be held responsible if these sites turn out to be scams later on. Nonetheless, updates will be constant to inform people of deceiving sites, so please bookmark Cashie.net to check often, subscribe to Cashe Network Alerts (on the right column), or follow Cashie Network on the social networks (also on the right column)!