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Instant Blog Subscribers is a blog site dedicated to internet marketers. Members are rewarded 200 subscribers just by signing up. It has an affiliate program to recruit others while earning commissions from credit purchasing and upgrades.


Even free members earn 200 subscribers instantly! You don't have Blogger, WordPress or other blog-hosting sites doing that, do they? And for expert referral hunters, earning residial income is a big plus. Members also get features, like: a downline builder, email marketing, an SEO friendly system, up to thousands of dollars on free bonuses, options to add personal banner ads and PPC ad agency ads (such as Adwords, KART & ClickBank), plus other features (and hopefully more soon). Members can also edit and delete comment posts from other members (great for getting rid of spammers).


The site seems outdated on the look and feel...and rather complicated to navigate if you're not very familiar with blogging. The site is still rather new, but some blog themes are not fully functional (such as being unable to read, edit or delete comments). Their log-in security is bad (no special characters allowed in passwords and no encrypted security) but paying and receiving money through Payza is really secure, of course. Upgrades and ad credits are pretty high. The site's features aren't that valuable for those high prices.>/p>


IBS has a lot of ups and downs, perhaps due to its massive growth over such a short time. However, thanks to that popularity, and upgrades coming in, there's light of hope for great potential. The admin, Walter Baylis, is well known and trustworthy in the internet marketing industry, which is very important in sites that pay.

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